There is no such thing as a pest free home site. You need a professional Home Inspector who is trained and certified to evaluate your property and find both overt and hidden damage that might be caused by termites, ants, roaches, mice and other household pests.

We’ll perform a visual examination and a thorough 12-point inspection examination of your new or existing single family home, condo unit, row house, town house, or multi-family dwelling to see if pests have taken up residence. If there is a problem, we let you know immediately so that you can take the proper measures to eliminate pesky pests.

Anything softer than an insect’s mandibles and a rodent’s teeth that can be perforated is at risk for damage.

While most Home Inspection companies place their emphasis on termite attacks and the destruction of timber and wood-based products, our trained inspection professionals are educated to spot damage to all materials by both termites and other pests; frequently overlooked; and whose losses are sometimes quite substantial.

Underground cables are at significant risk in termite and rodent infested areas. Rubber and plastic coverings may be stripped to the conducting wires, resulting in water penetration and short circuits. In some cases, even lead sheathing may be punctured. Above ground cables may also be attacked by termites, roaches and rodents.

As cable, radio and satellite companies who use cable connectors become more widespread, damage to associated transmission lines is increasing. Various metals and plastics, concrete and plaster, leather, rubber and linoleum have reportedly been damaged by termites and other pests.