Few things compare to the feeling you get when you’ve finally found the home of your dreams and you can’t wait to sign on the dotted line. But before heading to the closing table, you should be sure that you’ve had your property inspected by a professional Home Inspector before you make that purchase.

From the first minute, Maryanne and Frank saw the home they knew they had to have it. After visiting the house several times and doing walk throughs, Frank felt confident that he could handle the minor work that needed to done in order to turn this home into their dream house.

He’d asked about the crack in the master bedroom wall but the realtor told them it was only the drywall and that this happened in homes of this age. Without another question, they made a low offer, and were surprised when the homeowner accepted without making a counter offer.

One day while in the crawl space putting insulation under the flooring, Frank noticed that the ground beneath the home was lower on the back side of the home. A quick call to a certified Home Inspector and Frank and Maryanne learned that the ground beneath the home was shifting and the crack in the bedroom wall was a result of that shift.

Many of the defects that can cause you to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars, are often hidden from your immediate sight in attics, crawlspaces, basements, electrical panels and on roofs.

A defect as small as a nail hole in a water pipe line, can cause thousands of dollars in damage. Without the right tools, knowledge and experience in home inspections, it can be difficult to access these areas. Finding out your home’s issues ahead of time can save you money as well as keep you sane.