The first inspection would be performed prior to the foundation concrete is poured. The second Inspection is after framing is completed, the plumbing has been “roughed” in and electric wiring has been run, but before the insulation has been installed and the walls have been covered. The third inspection is the pre-closing, where everything should be in the right place and work correctly and you are ready to move in. The fourth
and final inspection is the 12-month warranty. All of these inspections can be ordered as a group package or individually.

This inspection is performed after trenches or footers have been dug and all
metal and pipe casings and/or liners have been put into place, but before pouring

  • All known plan measurements of depth and width of footings are verified.
  • All metal- rebar, beams, tension cables, etc.- are inspected for proper placement and connections.
  • All known pipe and sleeve measurements are verified for proper placement.

This inspection is completed prior to drywall is installed.

  • Inspect for defective, warped, missing and misplaced framing members
  • Inspect for proper wood grades, placement, span measurement, notching, borings, and truss usage.
  • Inspect anchor bolts, fire blocking and truss ties
  • Inspect framing fasteners and connectors for proper schedules
  • Visually inspect the electrical wires and plumbing installed through the framing system including proper nail stop protection
  • Visually check the HVAC rough-ins and duct conditions
  • Visually check Air Handler condensation drain and overflow drain lines
  • Check exterior walls, sheeting seal, wall penetrations, windows and sealants
  • Visually check exterior electrical and lighting fixtures

This inspection is conducted when all the building process is complete and you are ready to move in. This is basically the same home inspection we perform on all homes new or used. On new builds, it must be coordinated with the builder’s schedule to be sure all systems are complete and ready for occupation. It should be completed before closing with enough time remaining to accomplish any necessary repairs.

12-month warranty
When you purchase a new home, you automatically get a one-year warranty from the builder, designed to protect you from issues that may pop up in that first year. Within that time, the builder will repair any of the major items that have failed. But you must inform them before the 12-month warranty expires. An 11 Month Warranty Inspection is a whole home inspection designed to catch those items so that you can submit them to your home warranty company and have them dealt with before the one-year mark of home ownership. This is basically the same home inspection we perform on all homes new or used.