You’ve waited months for this big day! The model home you toured was picture perfect and now your new home is finally ready and it’s moving time!

As the workers carefully transfer your precious possessions from the truck into your personal paradise, you suddenly notice that the bedroom door is slightly askew.

Upon closer examination, it seems that one side of the door is at least two inches higher than the other side. “How could I have missed THAT?” you mumble to yourself.

A few months down the line, you’ve discovered broken trusses, warped floors, leaks and lots of cosmetic defects. Now your dream home is your worst nightmare as you negotiate with the builder, who nickels and dimes you about making the necessary repairs.

A New Construction Home Inspection Will Save You Time, Money and Future Headaches!

In the emotion of purchasing or building your brand new dream home, it’s often difficult for buyers and owners to spot potential problems.

When making an investment as large as this, you can’t afford to let beautifully decorated models and fancy marketing brochures cloud your perception.

The best thing that you can do for yourself, your family and your future is to let a certified Home Inspection professional check both model homes and nearly completed production homes to protect your investment.

Don’t Assume that Just Because a New Construction Home Has Passed Code Everything Is Perfect!

From inspecting the foundation of your new construction home – through framing inspections, electrical inspections and plumbing inspections – right up to the first day you put your key in the door — Flinn Home Inspection Group, and our professional team of certified Home Inspectors, are there for you!