Investor inspections are stripped-down home inspections focusing only on major defects
with the home, including photos, however no formal written report. These inspections
typically take about an hour to conduct.

Exterior Pictures:

  • Front of Property – Usually three different angles (right angle, center, left angle).
  • Address Plaque – For property identification purposes.
  • Street View – Good for showing potential buyers what the surrounding houses look like.
  • Sides of the house – For displaying general condition and window quality.
  • Back of house – Again try to get different angles.
  • Roof – Front and back, zoom in to show any signs of damage.
  • Air Conditioning Unit – If Installed.
  • Garage – Front, sides, back, roof and garage floor.
  • Driveway – From the garage towards the street, from the street towards the garage.
  • Sidewalk – From property line looking one way, then from the other property line looking back.
  • (Take pictures of any damage or items of concern, i.e., cracked cement, broken windows, rotten railings, broken stairs or any other damage you observe)

Interior Pictures:

  • Living Room – Floor, ceiling, and a picture from each side of the room facing the opposite direction.
  • Dining Room – Same as above.
  • Bedrooms – Same as above.
  • Family Rooms / Bonus Rooms – Same as above.
  • Bathroom – One picture from the doorway in and then photos of the tub, shower, sink, toilet, and any damage you notice.
  • Kitchen – Floor, ceiling, cabinets (check for damage) counter-top, back-splash, and any damage you notice.
  • Stairways – Going to the second floor and basement.
  • Attic – If you have access check for signs of roof leakage.
  • Basement – Walls (looking for signs of water damage).
  • Plumbing (check to see if it’s all there).
  • Electrical (check to see if its all there).
  • Furnace – Pictures to show condition.
  • Hot Water Tank – Pictures to show condition.
  • Electrical Panel – Picture to show if the electrical panel has been updated.
  • Basement Windows – Pictures to show condition
  • (Take pictures of any damage or items of concern, i.e., holes in walls, light
    fixtures, lousy flooring, anything that will cost money to repair)