A Home Inspection of your new condominium or townhouse is great “insurance” against future problems.

Much the same as a single family Home Inspection, a multiple family dwelling needs to have its own inspection based on certain important criteria.

Common Areas such as walls, foundation, roof, garage, laundry and other areas that are shared by more than one unit are of especial importance as well as Common Mechanical Systems like water heaters, electrical and plumbing, used by more than one unit.

Exterior inspections can include areas typically under the jurisdiction of the Homeowners Association such as exterior grounds, exterior structure, and exterior systems should also be inspected.

From central heating and air units, to appliances, fixtures and outlets our professional team of qualified Home Inspectors ensure that your investment is well protected long into the future.

In cases where compromises are discovered, it is important that both Home Buyers and Sellers know who is responsible for any replacements or repairs.