New home buyers can have misconceptions about the houses they are purchasing. They sometimes don’t understand the need to get a builder warranty inspection before the 12 month builder warranty expires.

The first eight months that Lisa, Brad and their three children lived in their new home was like a dream! At last they had the room to grow; a beautiful backyard and a wonderful family room in their new finished basement.

Through the summer, fall and the holidays, they enjoyed their new home; thinking that at last they’d found their “forever” place. One day, a client of Brad’s was looking at photos of the home and suggested that he get a professional home inspection before the year was up.

Within days, Brad and Lisa were made aware that their new roof was compromised because of a badly installed skylight and the home inspector also discovered thin cracks where the foundation and the house met foundation. With the approaching spring and legendary rains in the area, both of these issues could have caused major damage.

Fortunately, these issues were discovered with a few months to spare and the builder was forced to complete the many thousands of dollars in repairs at their own expense. Imagine if the homeowner had not gotten the good advice to have their home professionally inspected before the 12-Month Warranty expired?

When you purchase a new home, you automatically get a one year warranty from the builder. Within that time, the builder will repair any of the major items that have failed. But you must inform them before the 12 month warranty expires. The best time to have a 12 month warranty home inspection is between the 6th and 9th months.